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Silent Words

Silent Words

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أضيف بتاريخ  31/10/13 شوهد 896 مرة أضيف من طرف ayour

هل استفدت؟ كن إيجابي و شارك المحتوى و أطلعنا عن رأيك


Beyond the lines of no man’s land
Time stands still
My voice is weak, but far away, I softly speak
In silent words, on folded knees
With silent words we call the night
To bring you sleep

  • Never Forget

  • In Every Tear He Is There

  • Make Me Strong

  • Hear Your Call

  • يا رسول الله

  • Your Beauty

  • سلام

  • الله الله

  • You Came To Me

  • Without You

  • أسماء الله

  • Anything for you

  • My Only Wish

  • أمتي

  • Free

  • أغنية العيد